Scale your business for a better world. 

Add a marketing and sales engine for more impact with your service.

You aim for the moon, but your business engine is sputtering.

How do you get more customers? What is your business model to scale?  
Get your business engine fixed and head for the moon.

Power up your business with a strategy that works.

To create the world you want to see, you will need more power. Learn the strategy how to systemize your strengths and scale your business. 

Here is how to start...

Plan a 30 minute online meeting and let's have a talk. You will get an overview of the strategy and if you want help, this is next: 

1. Learn strategy

In this workshop you will get the full blueprint how to systemize sales and marketing. 

€1.250 / one-day

2. Create offer

To approach the market you will need an offer. In 6 weeks your system and offer will be ready.

€15.000 / 6 weeks

3. Get growth

To get growth you will need to approach new customers and leverage insights to adapt and improve your offer.

Custom offering. 

Bjorn is the founder of KLAPPR and has been entrepreneur since 2010. He wants you to succeed by building a business that boosts your mission. 

He likes to work with change makers like you. The game is to solve the financial puzzle of your business to finance the change you want to see. Bjorn has seen multiple aspects of the puzzle since he has bought, run and sold businesses in different industries. His process though is always the same: bringing the ? and the ? to make it work.

Let's talk about how you want to make impact. Book a free 30 minute online meeting and let's get some cash flowing.