Scale-up agency 
for tech founders.

From vision and strategy to outreach and offers, delegate your marketing and sales so you can focus on product development.

You aim for the moon, but you don't have a business engine.

How do you acquire more leads and customers? What is the best business model to scale? How do you setup campaigns? KLAPPR helps you to scale successfully.

  • Lack of Cohesive Leadership Strategy: Without a standardized financial dashboard and regular leadership meetings, your company may struggle with misaligned priorities, inefficient resource allocation and a lack of clear performance metrics, leading to strategic drift.
  • Inconsistent Sales and Marketing Efforts: Companies often face difficulties in identifying and focusing on the most effective channels for growth. This can result in lucky revenue streams instead of predictable growth.
  • Undefined Brand and Organizational Culture: A disconnect between a company's internal practices and its external brand promise can erode trust and integrity. Without a strong, unified brand and culture, engaging and retaining customers becomes increasingly difficult.
  • Inefficient Operations: The absence of a standardized operations playbook can lead to inconsistent service or product quality and a risky dependency on people running operations.
  • Challenges in Talent Management: Without established HR practices for attracting and retaining talent, companies may face high turnover rates and a talent pool that does not align with the company's growth goals.
  • Ad-hoc Product Development: A non-standardized approach to product development can result in products that do not fully meet market needs or that cannot be efficiently scaled, hindering the company's ability to innovate and grow.

Power up your business by 
adding a scale-up strategy, marketing and sales.

In this pivotal moment KLAPPR brings not just strategic direction but a hands-on approach to get scaling done.

Move from luck to predictable growth.

KLAPPR is committed to set the stage for scalable growth by systemizing your strengths and standardizing every part of your business.


Develop a standardized financial dashboard and establish just enough leadership meetings to evaluate performance, align on resource allocation and set priorities effectively.

Brand & Culture

Create a unified definition of the company's story, mission, vision, identity and values, ensuring internal practices reflect the external brand promise for maximum integrity.

Sales & Marketing

Standardize the process of identifying and leveraging the most effective channels to consistently increase revenue. Speed of experimentation and learning are key.


Standardize the product development lifecycle to streamline innovation, ensuring products meet market needs and support scalable growth by making customers successful.

HR Practices

Develop standardized strategies for attracting and retaining top talent, focusing on creating a supportive and engaging work environment that aligns with the company's culture and goals.

Operations & Tech

Implement a comprehensive playbook that standardizes the delivery of value to customers, ensuring consistent quality and efficiency, supported by a scalable technology stack.

Here is how to start...

1. Plan meeting

Set up an introduction meeting to introduce yourself and share more about your company’s current position and ambitions.

2. Discuss blueprint

Collaborate on a strategic blueprint, outlining key milestones and strategies for scaling your business effectively.

3. Get growth

Sign the deal and start implementing the agreed-upon strategies to drive growth and achieve scaling objectives. Let's grow!

Bjorn is the founder of KLAPPR and has been entrepreneur since 2010. He wants you to succeed by building a business that scales.

He likes to work with founders like you. People with an innovative idea and a bold mission. The game is to solve the financial puzzle of your business to materialize your mission. The fun is when everybody wins.

Bjorn has seen multiple aspects of the puzzle since he has bought, run and sold businesses in different industries. His process though is always the same: bringing the ? and the ? to make it work.

Let's talk about how you want to make impact. Book a free 30 minute online meeting and let's get some cash flowing.