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Meh. Visitors of feel neutral. Not really excited, not really bored. So you don't have the buzz on your website if you like to go big!

Do you want to turn your visitors into customers? That's easy! Let's get your score from % to 100%, because 100% happy visitors engage more and will become happy customers if you do it the right way.

How does it work?

..and how to get from % to 100%

Hi! My name is Bjorn Wamelink from KLAPPR and great to see that you want to improve your website to make visitors happy. So you want to know how to get to 100%? Awesome!

If you want to grow your business, you’ll have to pick the right words to attract customers. Picking the wrong words means losing engagement, sales and fun.

The Website Happiness Tester scans your website for two categories of words:

Category 1:
Words about yourself

Number of words about yourself on your website:

- General examples -

We have a lot of experience.
...that is why I know what's best.
Our experts know everything.
Ask us anything!
This is my area of expertise.

Category 2:
Words for your customer

Number of words about your customer on your website:

- General examples -

Are you experiencing...
Overcome your problem with...
This home is yours when...
It will help you...

The trick: if you want to score 100%, your words need to be 100% in category 2.

That's it, that’s the trick! Very easy, but also very profound, you know why?

Imagine being at a party. Uncle Jim is there. He’s a nice guy, but the problem is: he only talks about himself. That’s ok for a few minutes, but if you never get a question or never get a chance to share your story, it gets annoying. You feel disconnected and you want to leave. So if the words on your website fall into category 1, your visitors will experience your website as an Uncle Jim. They really want to leave...

To fix your website, find all the words about yourself (category 1) and change them to words about the customer (category 2). It will force you to think how your product improves the life of your visitor. And if you succeed to help visitors, then they get hungy for more. Now that’s exactly what you need if you want to grow your business!

Aligning all your sales and marketing words at every customer touchpoint in your organization is very complex. You have to rethink your website, your customers service, your marketing funnel, your brochures, your sales people, everything! But never ever let your marketing and sales get in the way of onboarding new customers. 

Get in touch if you want to simplify this to a step-by-step process. Hit the button below and plan a meeting. I'll bring the test results and we can discuss improvements from there.

Happy to help you grow your business!